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“Rollando and Dresner Productions” are currently developing their New Musical Dramedy for the 2023 Holiday Season: 


A Little Place Called Earth - A Musical Dramedy in Two Acts

Book by Marcello Rollando and Music & Lyrics by Laurence Dresner.


Character Descriptions of Who we’re SEEKING:


George:  Weary of explaining why he’s not angry enough to stop trying to be a peacemaker – a black man caught between very different worlds – one of which he’s still struggling to understand (African American Tenor-Baritone – 30-45)  


Sandy: precocious, eager, ambitious but haunted by a recurring nightmare, which leaves her feeling she needs to try everything before her greatest fear takes over:  that she will die too early to have it all or at least sample it all (Petite Latina or Native American Soprano in her 20s - who can also play young, teen and college student - and dance)


Nau Stranger: (Old Enough to Know Better) Gender OPEN:  Male, Female, Transgender – perhaps think Ian McKellen in Lord of the Rings played by a woman; employs subtlety, hints at the poetic, sarcastic, soothing voice and feigned compassion to convince others that bad is good, and good is evil.  Nau Stranger is not a nice person, but when they choose, he hides it incredibly well.  Only Nau Stranger knows the other four, BUT only ANGEL & GEORGE can see Nau Stranger, and only ANGEL knows who she/they really is. 


Angel:  knows how to maneuver each of the others, but does so patiently, lovingly for their own good, while almost always remaining impenetrable. She knows why she’s here - and much more (Exotic:  example, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern Mezzo-Soprano, in her 40s-50s)

Luke:  half-empty glass guy offended by those who think he’s privileged because he’s a white male; sees himself as a failure, loves vodka and unintentionally blames the source of past personal disappointments (Caucasian Bass-Baritone in his 50-60s)


DIRECTOR’S NOTES:  A Little Place Called Earth is cold water in the face of all who deny the truth of our past and its power to destroy our future – weaved into challenging love stories and gloriously beautiful songs.  However, like life, this is an ensemble piece depending on actors, characters and ultimately audience internalizing Ben Franklin’s, “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” 


Luke, George, Sandy and Angel are meeting for the first time - again; all arriving from different locations.  At their individual tempo each learns, time is both of the essence and of little consequence.  It’s not so much from where or how, but when and why are the questions to which the quartet of solos is seeking individually, but eventually, collectively - answers.  Clearly, they are here to accomplish something, help someone find their path forward, and in so doing, the arc of their journey is revealed - even to them.  The question is, from when they and the audience come – and then, where too now.


All Inquires should be via EMAIL:

Laurence Dresner is an accomplished composer whose many pieces have been performed to audiences throughout the United States and Europe.  His music has been performed by the Metropolitan Flute Orchestra, the Monmouth Winds Quintet, the American Chamber Ensemble, The Poetica Ensemble, and the Motyl Chamber Ensemble, to name a few. With a strong interest in all forms of music, Larry has been involved in musical theatre with several off-off Broadway shows, cabaret, and has directed talent productions, jazz bands, and produced chamber concerts.  Larry is a board member of several organizations including the Long Island Arts Council at Freeport, and the Long Island Composers Alliance. He is a previous board member of Opera Night, and the Long Island Arts Alliance’s Arts Advocacy Team. 

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