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"As director, Marcello Rollando mastered tricky transitions, often bringing a power and pathos to Nixon's Nixon far beyond the written word."

- Russell Lees, Playwright, Nixon's Nixon 

"Marcello Rollando is one of the finest directors in the DC area."

- Patrick Hayes Managing Director, Washington Performing Arts Society


LANFORD WILSON:  Showcase premiere of Nixon and Kissinger for Lanford Wilson at his NYC Circle Rep Theater, and in 2010 directed a revival of the Russell Lees political script (now Nixon’s Nixon) at The Hamner Theater.  


The JOHN F. KENNEDY CENTER for the Performing Arts:  Dr. Archie L. Buffkins, President and Consultant to the John F. Kennedy Board Chairman (Roger Stevens) and Kennedy Center’s National Committee on Cultural Diversity in the Performing Arts, engaged me to Direct Productions – in the Concert Hall, Opera House, and Terrace Theatre that showcased the outstanding talents of our diverse American culture.


SAVING SUMMER SEASON:  Responding to an emergency request from LoLac, Inc., Long Lake, New York, to replace a stage director, I quickly mounted a production of “The Music Man,” whose favorable reviews, resulted in my being asked to remain throughout the Summer Season to Direct their remaining productions of “Brigadoon”, “Annie” and “Red Hot and Cole.” 


PAX-TV:  Pearl Productions, Royal Palm Beach, Florida - I Directed series pilot of after school special, scheduled to air on PAX-TV, supervising also, all pre-production and script rewrites, as well as serving as Videographer for a cast of seven and production crew of five, on three interior sets and five exterior locations in this thirty-minute series pilot. 


INAUGURAL SEASON:  Actors & Company, Fort Lauderdale, Florida - I established, developed & launched this new theatre company and its facility, including stage and set construction, new sound and light system and technical crews for same.  In addition, I Directed its entire inaugural season of Terrance McNally plays:  It’s Only a Play, Frankie and Johnnie in the Claire de Lune and Lisbon Traviata. 


1776:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Senator Elizabeth Dole requested that the Declaration Signing scene of my 1776 production open her Bicentennial Crystal Ball at the Philadelphia Academy of Music. The Senator’s Crystal Ball featured Dick Shawn and the Pointer Sisters. Prior to the opening of my “1776”, The National Park Service permitted us to hold one rehearsal for the public, in Independence Hall, which attracted a standing-room-only audience of tourists.  During our eight-month run, a flu epidemic resulted in my stepping in and performing the roles of John Adams, Ben Franklin, John Dickenson, John Hancock, and the infamous Edward Rutledge.

#183 Stage Whisper Podcast


(Official Episode Description): We have an incredible, and we mean incredible new episode of Whisper in the Wings from Stage Whisper for you! We were joined by legendary book writer/director, Marcello Rollando, to talk about his upcoming work, A Little Place Called Earth. We discussed the story and origins of this amazing show, and were privileged to be told several stirring and moving stories about our guest's experience in the theatre. This was one of the most fascinating and riveting conversations we have had the honor of having on our show. So please be sure to tune in and share this with us!

Find the episode here.

A Little Place Called Earth Stage Reading coming in in the Fall of 2023. Be sure to follow our guest and the show to stay up to date on all their upcoming projects and

Arts Administrator, Director, Producer, Coordinator, Boss


As Director of Juilliard’s Opera Center Rehearsal Department, in Lincoln Center, it was my shared mission to launch careers by giving post-graduate vocal students the opportunity to perform in mounted, full-scale productions of opera in the 1500-seat Juilliard Theatre — directed and conducted by established, celebrated artists. To this end, I was responsible for holding initial auditions and interviews of all prospective members of this advanced opera production program.  In addition, it was often my responsibility to give our singers dramatic coaching in their roles and redirect certain scenes. 



As the co-owner of Show-People Enterprises, New York, New York, I directed individual promotional commercials. In their search for quality professional talent, the videos I directed were viewed by NYC Casting Directors, Talent Agents, Managers, and other casting professionals, in the SPE upper Westside Manhattan studio.  As the marketing branch of The MBR Group, Show-People also specialized in discovering, developing & showcasing the original works of lesser known playwrights.  



The MBR Group continues to be a company of Advocates/Activists/Consultants for Political Public Relations & Events as well as Media/Performing Arts Productions. We both produce and help others to produce the highest & best quality of meaningful, timely, thought provoking and uplifting Live & On Camera Performances, as well as Political events.  In 1990 the MBR Group bought New York’s Show-People in order to add a specialization in the discovery & development of new/unpublished/unknown playwrights, resulting in the production of their original/new works.  Our projects emphasize, but are not limited to, works/productions/events that provoke political involvement and encourage a hunger for education & historical truth. My productions of Nixon and Kissinger (Playwright Russell Lees) and TIFFANY (Composer Larry Dresner and Book & Lyrics Dale Johnson), were extremely well received as major NYC Theatre launches of original works!



As Production Stage Manager, I served as Production Chief for all technical, artistic and production staff, crew, cast of 40, and operations. During this major international tour through Portugal and Spain, each theater presented enormous production reconfiguration challenges:  to include (but not limited to) raked versus proscenium stages, necessitating cutting set wagons and drops, restaging of crucial scenes — all of which I mastered & delivered on Time, for over 200 performances! 



As Coordinating Director, I coordinated 50 on-going rehearsal operations:  arranging all equipment rentals, performance spaces, dress rehearsals, including Television, Theatre, Opera & Orchestra, opening nights, audience and post-show receptions.



At the Cooper School, I developed all TV & Theatre programs and served as the Creative Director, Producer and Head Writer for the original morning News program: “Global View.” In addition, as Performing Arts Director, I supervised & coordinated all TV, Theatre, Vocal Music, Orchestra & Band Programs.

Our Thing, TV Movie Directed by Marcello Rollando

​View Marcello's Directing Resume below.
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