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Avery Sommers gives Marcello a wonderful endorsement.  


Listen to the August 2020 interview between Avery and Marcello here. 

Jenny Burton's re Director Marcello Roll
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Sue Friedman Testimonial
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Jenny Burton joined Marcello in August 2020 for an interview and shared these thoughts on his lifetime of work.

Listen to the full interview here

Listen to what producer and director - Linda Laundra - has to say about working with Marcello on the NBC Daytime drama, Another World.  

Make sure to listen to Marcello's May 2020 interview with Linda here.

What People are Saying About Marcello the Director

Marcello Rollando in The Haunting of Sum

I just wanted to extend my gratitude once more for your amazing direction of Stealing Lincoln at the Red Eye Play Festival.  I don't think I had even fully realized the comic potential of all the lines.  Thank you so much for the wonderful experience.  I was blown away by the Waynesboro and Charlottesville theatre communities, and I can't wait to come back to see what more the area has to offer.  I hope our paths cross again at a future date.

-Anne G'Fellers-Mason


I didn't get to tell you how great a job you did with LINCOLN. You nailed the play, the special kind of humor, the staging. You got work from the actors (not a lot of training or experience there) that was exactly what they were capable of and exactly what the play needed. Lots of full belly laughs! Wow. 

-Peter Coy, Playwright in Residence, Hamner Theater


I always love being on Marcello Rollando's show 'The Reasonable Voice' to discuss my various film work, acting projects, and causes involving important issues. Because Marcello is an accomplished actor and artist himself, he finds that emotional and artistic connection to the topics, and makes guests to his show feel welcome and cared for. 

-Cassidy McMillan, Award-winning Filmmaker/Actress, Speaker and Advocate

Letters of Recommendation

Professional References

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